When should I book you for my event/party?
Our suggestion is to try your best and book as earliest as possible. At least three to four weeks before the event.

But what if my party is this week? Can I hire you still?
Yes you can! As long as we are available.

I am on a budget. Can I hire you for a half hour?
The minimum is one hour. Even if you have fewer kids than usual, we will utilize the hour by doing extravagant designs for all the kids. Or we will tattoo the adults too (they are just big kids too).

I underestimated the amount of guests that will be attending. Turns out, it is more. Can you stay longer?
Sure we can. In fact, we would love to stay and finish tattooing all your guests providing we don’t have any events following yours. Occasionally, we do book events back to back and this makes time limited. In such cases, we can only stay as long as promised, but you could still let us know as early as possible and we will try to find a fast workable solution.

Does it hurt to get one of your tattoos?
No, not at all……. it may even tickle a little bit!

How do I remove your airbrush tattoo?
Rubbing alcohol

What kind of paint do you use?
Our temporary tattoo inks are specifically created for skin application. They are designed to be long-lasting, water-resistant, come in a wide variety of colors, made of FDA approved cosmetic ingredients, and dry instantly.

What are the advantages of airbrush temporary tattoos over “rub-on” temporary tattoos?

  • Airbrush temporary tattoos look are far more realistic because there is only paint and your skin.
  • Rub-on’s are printed on a thin layer of plastic, and adhere to your skin with a medical grade adhesive.
  • Airbrush tattoos last longer, and don’t leave a glue residue for you to fight with once the tattoo is removed.

Why would I want to get a temporary tattoo instead of a real one?
Some designs you might want to have on you forever but some designs are fun just for a little while.

Airbrush temporary tattoos have changed the concept of body art from being a commitment that you live with for the rest of your life to more of a cosmetic that you have for a little while that you can change whenever you want like jewelry, nail polish, or eye shadow. (Sorry guys, I couldn’t think of any analogies that weren’t female oriented!)

How long does your tattoos last? Is it waterproof?
Our tattoos last anywhere from two to seven days. In rare cases, tattoos can last as long as 14 days. And yes, they are waterproof! You can swim or bathe regularly in normal or salt water and it will stay intact. Unless of course you deliberately rub them with soap and water.

What can I do to make my tattoos last longer?
It really depends on where the tattoos is placed on the skin. For example, if you place it on an area that gets rubbed frequently or is in contact with water quite often, then your tattoo will start coming off sooner than expected. 

Do I need to supply you with anything?
Oh that is so sweet of you. We only require access to electricity.  If you are an event holder keeping an event, we will require an area sheltered from extreme heat, sun, rain and dust. (We have an EZ- Up as an option – not additional charge) A restroom and access to running water will be additional bonus especially if the event is lengthy.

What kind of events do you do?
Almost any kind of party or event. We do corporate parties, fairs, sports, children parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, family reunions, bridal showers, PTA events, church events, sweet sixteen, and even weddings! 

How are airbrush tattoos applied?
First the area where it will be applied to is cleaned with alcohol. Then, using a stencil and an airbrush, the design is sprayed onto the skin. Finally, a dusting of powder and you’re ready to go. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes.

Is a deposit required?
Yes, booking an event requires a 50% non-refundable deposit. As soon as we receive your deposit, the booking will be finalized.

I already booked my event, and I had some plans change. Can I change the date?
We will do our best to accommodate your change unless we already have an event scheduled on that date. Sorry, no refunds on the 50% deposit fee.